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In Code Name STEAM 3DS the player selects four members from a team of agents, each with their own unique personalities – led by the 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln – to fight back against aliens invading the planet. While the combat is turn-based, it takes place with a third-person view, giving this strategy game the immersive feel of a third-person shooter. Online multiplayer and matches against other players add to the fun. The aliens that you face are legion, remorseless, and terrifying. You'll need more than a fancy boiler and steam weapons to accomplish your goals: you'll need a solid plan and a thoughtful, tactical mind. Some missions will throw you together with other agents, but once you build a deep enough roster you'll be able to pick your own team. Examine each agent's unique skills and strengths, then create groups that suit your mission objectives Each agent has a primary weapon that he or she is especially adept at using, and a secondary weapon that can be selected. Pick a secondary weapon and boiler to balance your agent's battlefield versatility. For each battle, agents will start at set locations. As you move around the environment, look for objects that hide you from alien sight lines and for rewards like medals and gear. Scout for routes that will keep your team safe and meet your mission objectives. The best path may not be the most obvious path Battles offer checkpoints where you can save your progress. You can also replenish steam reserves, restore health for an agent or the team, or even revive a fallen team member, but those services will cost you medals. These otherworldly creatures come in many different forms, and deliver a great variety of attacks. They also display a wide range of mobility and toughness. Get to know their patterns, and adjust your tactics accordingly. Key Features Brand new IP from Intelligent Systems, the developers of the Fire Emblem and Advance Wars series. Giving long-time Intelligent Systems fans exactly what they want: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Is all about tactical gameplay and teamwork strategy. Players are introduced to a world powered by steam and need to manage their steam reserves to move, power weapons and defeat the alien menace. Players will command a team consisting of crazy characters from American 19th century folklore fitting in a steampunk setting. Each character will have his/her own unique abilities and weaponry and mixing and matching the right ones can give players the edge on the battlefield. Fire Emblem fans can use amiibo to bring their favourite characters to life and support their teams of S.T.E.A.M. agents to defeat the alien menace. Fire Emblem amiibo support Fans of Fire Emblem will go full steam ahead when they use amiibo to bring their favourite characters to life and help their teams of STEAM agents to defeat the alien menace. Amiibo functionality does not feel ‘tacked-on’ in Code Name S.T.E.A.M. and Nintendo’s biggest fans will get the most out of the game this way.

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Code Name S.t.e.a.m
Code Name S.t.e.a.m

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