Dillon's Dead-heat Breakers

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Dillon's Dead-heat Breakers description:

As a team, defend a post-apocalyptic wild west from an invasion of transforming rock monsters alongside your Mii character, Dillon the armadillo, and his squirrel engineer, Russ. Recruit hired gunners to back you up in battle, and then roll into fights and high-speed chases and take down waves of enemies as Dillon – the "Red Flash" himself! Eighty years ago, a cataclysmic event devastated the world. Holed up in "The City" and outlying frontier towns, no survivor is safe now that a mysterious ship has unleashed an army of supercharged monsters. So, prepare for battle: gather resources by helping local businesses and winning races. Then stock up, man the towers, and strengthen barricades to protect each village's livestock! Discover new strategies to take out over 30 different types of enemies: some swim, some dig, some are electrified, poisonous, armoured – even flying. Monsters transform into wheeled forms, racing into action-packed, high-speed chases! Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers Features: Save the post-apocalyptic frontier from invasion. Form strategies to outsmart your enemies and defend each town’s livestock. Chase and take down enemies before time runs out. Build a team for each battle: use in-game currency to hire from a pool of over 60 gunners to raise defences. Transform your Mii character into one of ten animals and defend villages from invasion. Over 25 types of transforming rock monsters to face, including poisonous, swimming, electric, or flying. Master Dillon's different attack abilities and upgrade gear for both Dillon and your Mii character. Earn in-game currency and resources by taking on increasingly hard challenges around town or racing the clock in track racing.

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Dillon's Dead-heat Breakers
Dillon's Dead-heat Breakers

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