Arc Of Alchemist

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Quinn Bravesford and her squad are sent on a quest to find the Great Power the key to save humanity. Is there hope within the desert or is it merely a mirage?Players can now choose from 7 playable characters each specializing in unique weapons, attacks, and abilities!Four Orbs to Rule Them All – Wielding the Lunagear allows players to combine two of the four elemental orbs (fire, water, wind, earth) to solve puzzles, manipulate environments, and blast any foe.Based Blessings – Construct your base and conquer! Customize Troop Formations, purchase gear, and build facilities to strengthen attacks and learn new abilities.Amass Items & Exchange – There are treasures to be found everywhere. Seek out items to equip and strengthen your party. Exchange materials for even more powerful weapons!

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Arc Of Alchemist
Arc Of Alchemist

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