Fantasy Friends Under The Sea

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Fantasy Friends Under The Sea description:

Fantasy Friends: Under The Sea is the newest opus of the Fantasy Friends series. Discover a brand-new submarine world, with a lot of surprises, and 12 new underwater adorable friends to take care of! (Re)Encounter a very friendly mermaid, Aurea, who will guide you in this bubbly adventure!Explore the plaza, add decorations, get new magical sea creatures, buy them new clothes or even cooler toys to play with, and decorate the plaza with incredible fun items. Enjoy the tropical seas but do not forget to breathe… You are still underwater!Features:The first pet-caring game with magic aquatic creatures.From a cute dogfish to a surprising axolotl, discover 12 incredible aquatic creatures you will love to cuddle and play with. Each animal needs a specific food you will have to produce.Collect hundreds of colours and skins for your pets and challenge your friends to see who will have the most unique creatures. Be the first to find the rarest ones.Get cool accessories (hats, sunglasses, ribbons, etc.) to customise each of your pets.Decorate the plaza in your own style with beautiful and magical items.Random magical events can happen at any time underwater! Be careful of the surrounds.Unlock special and exclusive items while playing with your pets. The more you are playing with a creature, the more your love power will rise… When the love power is full, your friend will highly reward you.

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Fantasy Friends Under The Sea
Fantasy Friends Under The Sea

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