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Please note that this is a download code in a box*Moto Racer 4 is a single-player racing game offering Asphalt and Dirt mode.The fastest bikes will be your best allies in shaping the rider you are. Master drifts, wheelies, swerves and many other techniques to achieve this goal. Customise your bike to suit your personal tastes and improve it to progress through the fantastic environments of Moto Racer 4. From the United States to the Himalayas via the desert, Moto Racer 4 will give you first-hand experience of breathtakingly hazardous circuits. Obstacles, fierce opponents and even the police will get in your way to try and stop you. Use the various circuit backgrounds and landscapes to highlight your riding talents.*Requires a UK Nintendo Account to download.

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Moto Racer 4 [code In a Box]
Moto Racer 4 [code In a Box]

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