Naught Extended Edition (code In a Box)

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Naught Extended Edition (code In a Box) description:

Naught is a stylish and haunting platformer with moments of real sadness and a story that plucks at your heart Strings.featuring a unique control system where players rotate the environment to guide naught through an underworld full of challenges, hidden places and secrets.The game has a distinct, Noir aesthetic, setting the tone for an underground world full of Light and Shadow. Its main character, naught is a soul that has been awakened to face these shadows, while also striving to protect what he loves most in this world.All forty levels from the base game, as well as thirty brand new levelsa download code for additional content including new 30 levels in the search of edahi, dohai & sudagia digital artbookunique control where the player will change the environment by rotating the world to guide the charactervaried gameplay with numerous challenges, valuable items, hidden areas, underground mazes, and time Trialsdistinct, Noir art stylea strong and captivating story based on real emotions and narrated in the form of metaphor

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Naught Extended Edition (code In a Box)
Naught Extended Edition (code In a Box)

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