Reknum Origins Collection Limited Edition

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Get ready to live the classics with Reknum OriginsCollection, including PLOID SAGA, REKNUM CHERI DREAMLAND and REKNUM DX.FeaturesPLOID SAGA: Compiles all PLOID games, Alpha and Omega, an evolution of the human race created by fusing technology with their DNA. In VOID + and its sequel PLOID, these heroes will travel through time in search of sacred artifacts that will help them defeat the alien invasion.PLOID SAGA also includes the shoot’em up mini games, Up Uchusen and Uchusen 2. Retro-finish those aliens!In REKNUM CHERI DREAMLAND: Princess Cheri has been kidnapped in the dream’s land. Explore, unlock weapons, level up your skills, fight fierce bosses and save the kingdom following the poetry left behind by your ancestors.Follow Cheri on her first mission in REKNUM DX: an improved version of the original, exclusively included in the physical edition. It contains new character sprites, HUD, a remastered HD world, new mechanics, and an extended story explaining its connection to the PLOIDS and the end of the adventure.

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Reknum Origins Collection Limited Edition
Reknum Origins Collection Limited Edition

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