The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes

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The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes description:

With this minigame collection it’s up to the player to settle the eternal battle of the sexes. Do men have superior parking skills but lack multitasking abilities? Are all women shopping maniacs but completely hopeless when given the almighty barbecue tongs? In “The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes” the player is able to banish these gender stereotypes forever or find the grain of truth in them. The idea is that men and women compete against each other in disciplines which are typical for their gender. The game can be played alone but is meant to be played as a party game in a mixed group of friends. 24 mini games with gender specific topics 10 unique avatars 2 teams with maximum 10 players Single gaming possible Three different game modes Seven games with Balance Board Singleplayer game mode as well as cooperative and competitive games

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The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes
The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes

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