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Art Academy Atelier is an educational software that teaches the user to draw by following step-by-step tutorials. In addition to this practical approach, it covers the theoretical and historical aspects of fine art. By completing lessons, users will familiarize themselves with the reasoning behind the techniques and learn more about masters of the craft. The software can also be used to draw or paint freely thanks to a variety of available materials and tools. Artworks can be shared via Miiverse, hung in a virtual gallery hosted within the software or posted as videos on YouTube. Lessons Beginner Course: 7 Lessons + 6 Mini-Lessons Advanced Course: 4 Lessons + 8 Mini-Lessons Tools Course: 5 Lessons (Pencils, Pastels, Coloured Pencils, Charcoal, Paint) Recordings: Users can view or post videos of their work being created. Recordings are uploaded to YouTube (the user must own a Google account). Miiverse: Users can view artwork posted to Miiverse or post their own creations.

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Art Academy Atelier
Art Academy Atelier

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