Baldur's Gate 2 II Shadows Of Amn

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Baldur's Gate 2 II Shadows Of Amn description:

In BALDURS GATE 2:SHADOWS OF AMN, you face an uncertain future, with a lineage that tempts the unscrupulous to use you and the ignorant to fear you. You will face a foe that views you as no more than chattel and that toys with you at every turn; a villain whose goals go beyond a quest for power and who threatens to use a lost companion as a tool for unparalleled destruction.     New storylines     original characters     improved graphics     Internet play     six-player action. BALDURs GATE: THRONE OF BHAAL is the add-on pack to BALDURs GATE: SHADOWS OF AMN. It expands and enriches the game play experience by adding several new locations, high-level spells and powerful new characters. Set in the Forgotten Realms world, this is the ultimate conclusion of the Baldurs Gate legend. This game takes you through an all-new storyline rich with intrigue and treachery as you unravel the mysteries of the Dungeon of Watcher's Keep and explore other new areas such as the City of Saradush, the Fortified Monastery of Amkethran, Sendai's Underdark Fortress and your own Abyssal Stronghold. Take part in the legend.     New characters     40 additional hours of play     new terrain     the storys ending     six-player action via Internet.  

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Baldur's Gate 2 II Shadows Of Amn
Baldur's Gate 2 II Shadows Of Amn
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