Hired Guns The Jagged Edge

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Hired Guns The Jagged Edge description:

You are at the diamond coast, a region, submerged in chaos and wars, governed by an unprincipled dictator and it is your task to stop him. In order to achieve this goal, you command an elite unit of 30 well-trained mercenaries and have access to over 150 different weapons. To dispossess the dictator is a tactical challenge: Five hostile fractions are raging in the African country, so you have to interact carefully between the warring parties. Real time and round-based strategy (round-based in fight applications) More than 30 striking mercenaries with specific strengths and individual characters Complex role play system 23 different scenes in front of detailed formed background High level-interactivity by destroyable buildings and objects 5 main parties: UN troops, rebels, soldiers loyal to government, the Butsi tribe and the mysterious client More than 150 weapons and other equipment objects Rousing campaigns with the most different mission sighting

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Hired Guns The Jagged Edge
Hired Guns The Jagged Edge
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