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Pride And Prejudice the game closely follows the plot of the book, involves many of the much loved characters and offers a new perspective to both the genre and the story. Mixing traditional Hidden Object gameplay, with narrative driven plot and point and click style adventure elements. There are also a few mini games (or pastimes as we prefer to call them) to work through; such as the Picross style Cross Stitch puzzles and Pianoforte music challenge. Featuring beautifully rendered scenes, emotive music and compelling gameplay. The game will appeal to fans of the genre of all ages, but especially to the millions of Jane Austen devotees around the world. Closely and sympathetically follows the story of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Beautifully rendered scenes from Longbourn the home of the Bennet family, to Pemberley the sprawling estate of Mr Darcy Character scenes, featuring a hand-drawn style, with flowing narrative and key plot points Core Hidden Object gameplay, with many scenes incorporating creative adventure elements Various "Pastimes" throughout the game break up the traditional gameplay, such as torn letter jigsaw puzzles, spot-the-difference, Picross style Cross Stitch patterns, and an entertaining Pianoforte music challenge Further challenging gameplay modes include cryptic object descriptions and deviously hidden pieces of Elizabeth's diary to find

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Pride & Prejudice
Pride & Prejudice
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