Pro Cycling Manager Season 2010 Le Tour De France

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Pro Cycling Manager Season 2010 Le Tour De France description:

Presentation: For nearly 10 years, the Cycling Manager series, created by Cyanide studio, has offered a clever mix between sports simulation and management. It has continuously increased its audience through its different versions, each introducing novelties and each becoming the new video game benchmark for hundreds of thousands of players. Today, Pro Cycling Manager starts afresh to offer its most beautiful cycling season. Benefiting from a new more beautiful and more powerful graphic engine, Pro Cycling Manager/Tour de France 2010 marks one of the most important steps since the beginning of the series! Evolution: Concerned with offering the richest and most realistic experience possible, Cyanide designed a new graphic engine for the 2010 edition to allow a level of detail never seen before during the races. Thus, many improvements reinforce the race stages’ realism. The game features very high resolution textures and a new handling of the flora which is now luxuriant, more diverse and environmentally accurate to where the race is taking place. The lighting ambiance of each one of the hundreds of stages has been reworked according to various weather conditions – sunny, rainy, cloudy, foggy, etc. – in order to offer more believable and vivid sets. Lastly, many advanced visual effects complete the ultimate rendering of the game, especially during postproduction: the "bloom" effect simulates image exposure to light, more depth of field enhances the focus of the TV cameras that follow cyclists during each race. This new more detailed and realistic look offers the most beautiful and the most authentic experience in bigger and more diverse environments. Competitions: A brand new season mode appears and offers an unprecedented level of customization. Create your own competitions and organize a whole year season! From the choice of the stages and the unfolding of the calendar, to the point scale, and from the selection of the participating teams to the draft option, each individual parameter can be modified. Save your competition and share it with your friends! The carreer mode has been redesigned. It is now possible to plan ahead for cyclists’ inscription. The carreer mode also provides many tests to challenge-lovers. More than 50 official records await the best sports managers. They will have to give the best of themselves if they want to match them… or even beat them! Editor: Creative minds will be delighted to know that they have not been forgotten, as the game also includes a new race editor! The powerful, more efficient and more accessible race editor allows the creation of an infinite number of new and extremely detailed races. From the route to the curves of the roads, from background and vegetation to the detailed weather setting, the track editor also allows players to create races in real locations of the world! Perfect to set your imagination free and satisfy players in need of new races!   Minimum System Requirements OS – Windows XP(SP2)/Vista(SP1)/7 Processor – Pentium 2.2GHz Athlon XP 2800+ Memory – 1024MB(XP), 2048GB(Vista,7) Hard drive – 6GB DVD-Rom – 2X speed Video Card – 128MB 100% DirectX 9 and shaders 2.0 compatible Nvidia Geforce 6600 Ati Radeon X700 or hgher Sound card – DirectX 9 Compatible Internet connection Required for online play    

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Pro Cycling Manager Season 2010 Le Tour De France
Pro Cycling Manager Season 2010 Le Tour De France
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