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Wild Earth Africa is a unique game that uses a FPS 3D engine but instead of using an AK47 you are armed with an SLR camera. It is aimed at the family market and offers good educational value to help them find out about wildlife. Wild Earth Africa sends players of all ages on a breathtaking safari through the plains of Africa. Their mission: to explore the wild and capture on film the essence and beauty of the natural world around them. The state of the art 3D engine allows players to immerse themselves in the rich detail and beauty of the African ecosystem. Wildlife including lions zebras wildebeest cheetah and many others are animated in stunning realism.   Explore 8 different locations of the Serengeti Get close to the animals such as Lions and Crocodiles, but not too close! Follow your assignments and take pictures, or catch animals doing unusual things for bonus points Take to the skies in a helicopter to see landscapes from a fresh new angle Jump in the back of a jeep and discover hard to reach parts of the Serengeti Go on a night time hunt for a lion pride, but don't become their prey! Enter a hidden valley and observe gentle giraffes and black and white rhinos Meet a family of elephants as they care for their young Race down a rushing river to get as close to Nile Crocodiles as you dare!

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Wild Earth Africa
Wild Earth Africa
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