36in Sata Serial Ata Cable

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With data transfer speeds up to 300 MBytes/sec and a new and improved architecture, Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-RWs, DVDs, and removable storage devices are quickly gaining popularity. Ensure the fastest and most stable performance from your SATA devices with the SATA36, the new Serial ATA cable from StarTech. The 7-pin Serial ATA architecture replaces the wide, bulky 40-pin Parallel ATA interface. At barely over a quarter-inch wide, these small cables will vastly improve airflow in your case and reduce clutter. Serial ATA specifies a point-to-point connection that allows for easy cable routing within a system. This avoids master/slave, 'daisy-chaining,' and termination issues. SATA's keyed connectors prevent broken or bent pins and allow a firmly seated connection with minimal pressure. Offers 36 inches in length for greater flexibility Specially designed to improve system airflow and routability Cable Colour : Red Cable Connector End 1 : 1 x 7 pin SATA Data Cable Connector End 2 : 1 x 7 pin SATA Data Cable Length : 0.9 m Cable Type : SATA III Form Factor : SATA Cable Product Type : SATA Cable Rated Performance : 6 Gbps Warranty : Lifetime Warranty

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36in Sata Serial Ata Cable
36in Sata Serial Ata Cable

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