6in Latching Sata Cable

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6in Latching Sata Cable description:

The LSATA6 latching SATA cable is a high quality Serial ATA cable designed for connecting drives even in tight spaces. Featuring convenient latching connectors, the SATA cable offers secured connections for hard drives and motherboards that support this feature. With a thin, narrow construction, this flexible 6-inch cable helps improve airflow and reduce clutter in your computer case, in turn keeping your case clean and cool. Features : Supports fast data transfer rates up to 6 Gbps Barcode : 0065030841948 Cable Connector End 1 : 1 x 7 pin SATA Data Cable Connector End 2 : 1 x 7 pin SATA Data Cable Length : 0.15 m Cable Type : SATA III Form Factor : SATA Cable

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6in Latching Sata Cable is popular in PC > Hardware

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6in Latching Sata Cable
6in Latching Sata Cable

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