Cablemod Modmesh Sata 3 Cable 60cm – Carbon

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Cablemod Modmesh Sata 3 Cable 60cm – Carbon description:

Thanks to CableMod, PC enthusiasts everywhere now have the opportunity to make their high-end rig look just as remarkable as it performs. CableMod utilise a special material for the sleevings known as ModMesh, this is a specially developed woven plastic fabric that will meet the needs of even the most demanding and experienced modders out there. CableMod's relentless attention to detail and flawless manufacturing makes for some truly stunning braided cabling, without resorting to using heatshrink in between the wiring and the connector. The end result is a strikingly clean and tidy aesthetic. It goes without saying that the interior of the cable is crafted with the same care as the exterior, and maintains a similarly uncompromising approach to quality. The premium quality materials help to maintain the highest possible data transfer speeds while retaining compatibility with all motherboards and storage devices. This model is a SATA 3.0 cable that is 60 cm in length and comes in attractive carbon-grey with two straight connectors. SPECIFICATION: Colour: Carbon Package includes: 1x 7-pin SATA 3.0 (straight) 1x 7-pin SATA 3.0 (straight) Cable length: 600 mm

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Cablemod Modmesh Sata 3 Cable 60cm – Carbon is popular in PC > Hardware

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Cablemod Modmesh Sata 3 Cable 60cm – Carbon
Cablemod Modmesh Sata 3 Cable 60cm – Carbon

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