Outriders Oversize Mousepad Cliff

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Outriders Oversize Mousepad Cliff description:

Oversize mouse pad for the Outriders video game from Square Enix. The mouse pad measures 80 cm x 35 cm and offers enough space for keyboard and mouse. For optimal gliding and the associated high precision in the mouse guidance, a high-quality and durable polyester fabric is used in the production. The resistant surface of the mousepad shows three heroes of the Outriders universe emerging from the Anomaly Storm of Enoch. The mousepad rests securely and non-slip on the table due to the natural rubber used on the underside.For strategic planning of the Outriders missions on the computer, any kind of surface will serve on Enoch, as long as it provides enough space for the impressive oversize mousepad. The outer packaging of the mousepad is made of 100% recycled cardboard which is printed with environmentally friendly inks that do not interfere material recycling, thus enabling true recycling and reuse of raw materials.

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Outriders Oversize Mousepad Cliff
Outriders Oversize Mousepad Cliff

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