Ross 5m Performance Hdmi Cable Black

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Ross 5m Performance Hdmi Cable Black description:

An excellent choice of cable for connecting LED/LCD/Plasma digital HD and 3D televisions to games consoles, Freeview, Sky/Virgin boxes, Blu-ray and DVD players. Available in a variety of lengths; always select the minimum length required to ensure best signal quality and a tidy installation. The Ross HDMI cables all consist of a plastic moulded head, which features easy grip to aid installation/removal of the cable. 24k gold plated contacts for maximum signal transfer and ultra-low distortion at the point of connection. Finished with a strain relief to aid installation and protect the cable's geometry when the cable is under tension. Ross HDMI cables are constructed from OFC Oxygen Free Copper to maintain signal transfer, wrapped in a dielectric insulation foam for maximum signal transfer and protected by high density triple-layer shielding for maximum noise rejection. Triple layers consist of a copper braid shielding covering the insulated braid; this offers high frequency protection and low DC resistance. These are then wrapped in foil tape shielding, offering maximum coverage and added protection and finally wrapped in copper braid shielding for high frequency protection and low DC resistance. This is all covered by a PVC protective jacket, overall providing a robust design that will last.       This stylish Ross cable has 24K gold-plated HDMI male to male connectors with a plastic moulded head and the cable is protected by a PVC jacket     Supports HDMI with Ethernet – take advantage of your SMART internet-enabled devices without a separate Ethernet cable     Resolutions up to 4K@50/60 (2160p) – four times the clarity of 1080p/60 video resolutions, for the ultimate audio visual experience     Delivers true 3D gaming and home cinema experience     24K Gold plated connector resists corrosion and ensures an optimum connection for maximum signal transfer     30AWG Bare Copper conductor standard HDMI wire     Backwards compatible with previous HDMI standards     High density triple shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI interference Attributes Connector Type  HDMI Male , HDMI Male Cable Length  5 m

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Ross 5m Performance Hdmi Cable Black
Ross 5m Performance Hdmi Cable Black

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