Speedlink Lax Gel Wrist Rest

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Speedlink Lax Gel Wrist Rest description:

Give your wrist a rest. The comfortable and soft LAX Wrist Rest Gelpad supports your hand when using the mouse, and moulds flexibly to the shape of your wrist thanks to its gel filling – for optimal ergonomics and comfortable, fatigue-free mouse use. You can use the Gelpad with any mousepad, plus it stays rooted to any desktop surface thanks to its non-slip rubberised backing. Features – Ergonomic Wrist Rest – Comfortable Mouse Use – Reduced Wrist Strain for Fatigue-free Mouse Use – Suitable for Use with All Mousepads and on Any Desktop – Soft Padding for Maximum Comfort – Flexible Gel Filling Moulds to Fit your Wrist – Velvety Soft Covering – Wing Design Guarantees Full Freedom of Movement for Wrist and Hand – Non-slip Rubberised Backing – Suitable for Left-and-right-handers

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Speedlink Lax Gel Wrist Rest is popular in PC > Hardware

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Speedlink Lax Gel Wrist Rest
Speedlink Lax Gel Wrist Rest

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