Gunnar Optiks Cruz (12+ Years) – Onyx Frame – Amber Lens

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Gunnar Optiks Cruz (12+ Years) – Onyx Frame – Amber Lens description:

Say bon voyage to digital eye strain. Cruz provides GUNNAR protection for those who have sensitive or developing eyes. An ideal fit for narrow faces, the nylon frame features a 5-barrel hinge for durability and lasting comfort.GUNNAR Natural Focus, the Cruz Kids line of glasses feature “Natural Focus”, designed to protect young, developing eyes.GUNNAR Advanced Eyewear is a technical eyewear solution that helps protect, enhance and optimize your vision. Using the same lens technology as Advanced Computer Eyewear, all Advanced Eyewear styles come in a featherlight frame optimized for visual performance while using screens for long periods of time. Improves your childs visual efficiency, endurance and recovery.GUNNAR offers the only patented computer lens technology solution, recommended by doctors, to protect and enhance your vision. Gunnar’s custom and complete solution addresses and alleviates all common issues associated with digital eye strain, effects of artificial blue light, visual stress and fatigue.As the world leader in computer eyewear, Gunnar pioneered an advanced lens material that offers distortion free, ultra-light, ergonomic properties not found in inferior lens material. Gunnar’s proprietary lens design results in less strain on ciliary muscles and the glasses frame your face to reduce effects of dry eye. In addition, custom tints and premium coatings block high-energy, artificial blue light, UV and glare to protect your vision. The result – improved clarity, focus and performance designed to meet demanding visual needs of our generation.WHY GUNNAR COMPUTER EYEWEAR?REDUCES DIGITAL EYE STRAINEye fatigue, dry eyes and headaches are symptoms of spending too much time in front of a digital screen. GUNNAR lens design has extra focusing power providing you sharper, clearer vision. This patented technology helps you focus more naturally creating less eye strain.IMPROVES COMFORT AND FOCUSThe overabundance of bright artificial light can create a strain on your eyes. But GUNNAR custom lens tints and filters block harsh blue light and glare so your eyes can finally relax. Focus longer. Work more efficiently. Be comfortable doing it.PROTECTS YOUR EYESLook around you. You probably work in an environment filled with fluorescent light, glare, and uncomfortable air currents. GUNNAR patented lens technology reduces glare and prevents dry eyes.KEY FEATURESNylon material for a flexible and comfortable fitWide format lenses for full eye coverageBlocks harmful blue light and 100% UV lightCurved nose rest for even weight distributionProprietary GUNNAR lens technology5 barrel hinge for added durabilitySPECIFICATIONSFrame Colour: Navy TortoiseshellLens Colour: AmberLens Width: 55mmTemple: 125mmNose: 14mmWeight: 16.3 Grams

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Gunnar Optiks Cruz (12+ Years) – Onyx Frame – Amber Lens is popular in PC > Hardware

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Gunnar Optiks Cruz (12+ Years) – Onyx Frame – Amber Lens
Gunnar Optiks Cruz (12+ Years) – Onyx Frame – Amber Lens

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