Hama Usb 2.0 Hub 1:4, Bus Powered, Blue

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Hama Usb 2.0 Hub 1:4, Bus Powered, Blue description:

Your PC and notebook do not have enough USB ports for all of your devices? You do not want to constantly remove and insert plugs? With this USB hub you get an extra four USB ports for devices that need to be used.Quadruple USB Connectivity The Hama 1:4 USB Hub expands the USB connectivity of your PC/notebook by creating four separate USB ports from just one. Modern devices rarely provide enough USB ports to accommodate all the peripherals that are required, especially if you wish to connect them simultaneously. Printers, scanners, mice, keyboards, memory, smartphones – there are a huge number of devices that often demand a USB connection to provide power for operation and charge. However, a large number of notebooks often only feature 2 integrated ports. If you want to connect anything more than your standard mouse and keyboard then a USB hub is required. Easy Access Connections The simplistic design of the Hama 1:4 Hub is intended to look aesthetically pleasing as part of any home or office, with conveniently positioned topside sockets that allow the hub to sit neatly on any desktop or flat surface and permit quick and easy connection or removal of USB peripherals as and when required. Extensive Compatibility Tested for compatibility with all USB 2.0 devices, and downward compatible with USB 1.1, the Hama 1:4 Hub can accommodate most modern USB peripheral devices and accessories. The hub itself is bus powered, with power supplied by the PC/notebook, and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS 10.x onwards to permit use across a range of networks.

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Hama Usb 2.0 Hub 1:4, Bus Powered, Blue
Hama Usb 2.0 Hub 1:4, Bus Powered, Blue

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