Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce

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    With Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce up to four friends can join together online and experience Tactical Action combat in a whole new way! As a team, players will travel to different cities throughout Imperial China to embark on quests, and use coordinated assaults to conquer heavily-armed fortresses and colossal beasts.   Up to four players can engage in cooperative and competitive battlefield action online! Become one of history's greatest warriors and fight as a team to conquer heavily-armed fortresses, infiltrate enemy strongholds and more. New aerial combat! Fight in the air and on the ground. Enemies will make clever use of the terrain and space, and attack from nearly every direction. New "Fury" transformations give characters even greater supernatural abilities and attacks, including lightning fast speed and the ability to fly! Build and modify weapons using supplies gathered during battle. Equip your warrior with any weapon you create! New quests plus downloadable add-on content. Online play supports Vs. and Co-Op play, as well as voice and text chat. Choose up to 3 AI-controlled officers to fight alongside you in single-player play. Meng Huo joins the chaos as a new playable character. Access new office cards for upgrades.

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Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce
Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce

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