Playstation Move Adidas Micoach

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Playstation Move Required The first ever title which provides sportsmen and women with an authentic and authorised technical sports-training programme, miCoach brings a whole new level of interactivity to your training regime. Train in the comfort of your own home with an all-star training team from your favourite sport. Earn Fit Points and awards for every bit of exercise you do. Train at home, in the gym and outdoors, tracked by the latest motion tracking technology and portable fitness hardware. Wake up to a whole new community of friends and social network updates. It’s your exercise world, perfectly synced from your console, via the web or via your smartphone.   Sports-specific training with your sporting heroes: 18 total on-disc and via DLC Non-sports specific training in Men’s Training, Women’s Training, or Getting Started categories 400+ exercises Full body optical tracking Access everywhere: view stats, log activity and manage schedules and plans from web-capable devices Everything counts: log all your activity from jogging to playing soccer in the park, and rack up points and achievements Add a cardio program using the adidas miCoach smartphone app, Pacer unit or miCoach SPEED_CELL (sold separately) Conditioning Workouts: unique, console-only workouts that provide an intense cardiovascular workout in your own home. Automatically share your progress via miCoach Support for DLC: customise miCoach with your favourite sports stars, new workouts and new Sports Masterclasses: Get better at your sport by seeing how your heroes line up a free throw, shoot a penalty or maintain proper form over the last mile of a marathon Training Games: Move around your living room with fun sport-related games that hone your reaction times and work up a sweat Supports dumbbells and stability ball  

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Playstation Move Adidas Micoach
Playstation Move Adidas Micoach

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