1971 Project Helios Collectors Edition

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1971 Project Helios Collectors Edition description:

Includes: Cardboard Cover 4 Character Cards Fulgor Sticker Digital Soundtrack Code Europe is isolated. Casualties are counted by the millions and North America seems to be devastated. The impact of the meteors triggers a glaciation, thus altering completely the planet's climate.  The campaign sets in a frozen world, in which eight people (each one with its own problems and interests) join in a sort of temporary alliance, to find one particular person: Dr Margaret Blythe. On the trail of her whereabouts, they will travel and fight shoulder to shoulder, and they inevitably get to know the others. Depending on some strategic and personal decisions, you will guide this characters right to one of three possible endings.  FEATURES:  A turn based strategy game. A post-apocalyptic atmosphere in a frozen world, with real elements based on the Second World War. A universe with sci-fi influencers and optional side quests. Two teams of four characters, each with their own weapons, abilities and inventory. Class, character and squad management, based on the players' experience and choices. Interactive elements and environments in every level. Intense gameplay with different enemy factions that force players to re-think and adapt their strategies. A number of extras and secrets that hide additional information regarding the universe of 1971 and its denizens.   

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1971 Project Helios Collectors Edition
1971 Project Helios Collectors Edition

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