Among The Sleep Enhanced Edition

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Among The Sleep Enhanced Edition description:

Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition In the enhanced edition of this award-winning first-person horror adventure, players step into the pyjamas of a two-year-old child creeping through a dark and distorted house. Attempting to find his missing mother, he wanders through sinister and surreal surroundings such as a haunted forest and a dark lakeside cottage, with only his magical teddy bear there to comfort him. Will he survive the haunting trip and make it to the end of this pitch-black nightmare? Features: Enhanced edition with new dialogue, better performance & visuals and more Put the pieces of the puzzle together to figure out what has happened to your mother Creep through threatening environments such as a twisted forest and a dark house Unravel a disturbing story filled with tension, symbolism and psychological horror  

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Among The Sleep Enhanced Edition
Among The Sleep Enhanced Edition

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