Ash Of Gods Redemption

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Ash of Gods is a tactical turn-based RPG with rich lore and detailed nonlinear storyline about three heroes facing an ancient mythical evil. Captain Thorn Brenin, the guard Lo Pheng and scribe Hopper Rowlie don’t yet know that the Reapers have returned and are planning to drown the world in blood so they can awaken the slumbering gods. The story can change at any time depending on your choices, sometimes leading to a character’s death. This won’t end the game, however, as the narrative continues without the hero but takes into account the consequences of his demise on future events. Don’t rely on a single tactic or a powerful team to win the game – the AI in Ash of Gods adapts to your gaming style and forces you to be more cunning! The Ash of Gods graphics are completely hand-drawn with the use of live action video, creating realistic and detailed animations. The atmosphere is enhanced by an original soundtrack from the composers of The Witcher, Bulletstorm and the Shadow Warrior. KEY FEATURES –  Roguelike Storytelling: A rich and unpredictable story with 3 main characters each with a different fate, morale and duty. A truly non-linear storytelling with 7 completely different endings without a “Game Over” screen – all PC and most NPC characters are mortal, but the story will go on without them. Deep Turn-Based Combat System: The combat system is designed to enrich player experience and force them to risk team members in order to win battles. Incredible Art-Style: The dark fantasy world of Ash of Gods is a truly incredible place with amazing characters both story wise and visual. Combat animations were created using rotoscopy technology where live actors are filmed and drawn over to create the most life-like 2D animations. It is a mix of gorgeous art, lush music, tactical combat, and a powerful story. Consequences: Every decision can change the course of events and the fate of your party. Only the true tacticians will survive on their wits and limited resources, or suffer the consequences. PvE Challenges: You can battle the AI in various PvE challenges. Unlock new characters, upgrades, and cards to customize your tactics even further Soundtrack by Adam Scorupa: All the tracks were written by Adam Scorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, famous composers, well known for their work on The Witcher series, Painkiller, Call of Juarez, Eve Online and Iron Harvest. Every track was recorded live by professional musicians, often using traditional instruments rarely encountered in contemporary recordings. All songs will be available with covers, credits and full meta tags.

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Ash Of Gods Redemption
Ash Of Gods Redemption

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