Chronos Before The Ashes

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Chronos is an atmospheric RPG that chronicles a hero’s lifelong quest to save their homeland from a great evil.  Grow wiser, stronger and more powerful as you explore the depths of the mysterious labyrinth. But beware, the labyrinth takes a heavy toll – each time your hero dies, they lose a year of their life!Features –  Adventure RPG – Refreshing combination of Adventure Game elements and RPG mechanics.Deep Combat – A variety of weapons, abilities and powers are available to the player in the pursuit of their quest.Unique Aging Mechanic – Every time the player dies they age one year.  Players must adapt to their advancing age as they progress their character; starting the game young, nimble and quick, and ending wise and more attuned to magic.

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Chronos Before The Ashes
Chronos Before The Ashes

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