Everspace Stellar Edition

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Everspace Stellar Edition description:

Everspace Stellar Edition is an action-focused single-player space shooter combining rogue like elements with top-notch visuals and a captivating non-linear story. It takes you on a challenging journey through an ever-changing, yet beautifully crafted universe full of surprises. Your skills, experience and talent for improvisation will be tested continuously while learning about your own existence through encounters with interesting characters, each having their own part of the puzzle to tell. Each run will be exciting as you will have to face completely new situations keeping each part of the game long-lasting and generating lots of individual, meaningful moments to experience. However, no matter how skilled a pilot you are, death is inevitable, but only the beginning of a much larger journey. Includes the Encounters Expansion DLC Pack. Encounters is the first major expansion for Everspace, enriching the game world with new story characters and quest-lines, a brand-new player ship, freighter-loads of novel equipment, additional enemies, and much more. FEATURES Single-player rogue-like space shooter with persistent progression. Captivating story featuring interesting and thoughtfully designed characters. Three unique player ships, each with different capabilities and starting gear to choose from. Vibrant art style with top-notch visuals and incredible attention to detail. In-depth crafting and damage system. Dynamic, functional cockpit displays for all player ships.

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Everspace Stellar Edition
Everspace Stellar Edition

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