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Gearshifters description:

Get behind the wheel for an arcade shoot-’em-up roguelite! Steer, blast and battle through enemy vehicles and annihilate bosses. Adapt your loadout of mods, defenses and weapons for each hazardous mission. DRIVE and DESTROY – Employ precision control and expert driving skills to race rings around foes, dodge incoming projectiles, and unleash intense attacks. High-octane action at every turn, slide and spin. MEGA-VEHICLE BOSS BATTLES – Defeat the lawless factions that dominate dystopian future Europe, and take down their insane, heavily-armed boss machines. GET PAID and UPGRADE – Tackle dangerous delivery missions to ensure the safe arrival of precious cargo. Get paid, and modify your car with offensive, defensive, cosmetic and performance-based customizations. EXPLOSIVE DELIVERY – Expand your territory across the post-apocalyptic continent. Only the most skilled Gearshifter can take on the most perilous routes and reach the mysterious Citadel.

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