Industry Giant 2

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Economic booms, stock market crashes, oil crises, upswings, triumphs… Now you can become the greatest power in industry! Begin in the year 1900 with little money but large ambitions and through skilful decision-making you can build up an enormous business empire. Make critical decisions which products you should manufacture, where to gather the best raw materials, where to sell them and how to effectively transport them there. It's your choice whether you start out as a small-time fruit-growing framer with a little orchard and retire as the owner of the biggest foodstuff empire around, or end up owning a multinational conglomerate with a vast portfolio of products. Features Detailed graphics and environment Historical happenings like the magazine boom or prohibition Intelligent city growth – from small village to a huge town Motivating luxury feature Campaign mode with 20 missions for beginners and pros Pro-Mode with all important dates and statistics

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Industry Giant 2
Industry Giant 2

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