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Welcome to a fun-filled and hugely varied world of combat, platforming and puzzles, where the size shifting hero Knack is powered up and ready to save the day in an action-packed platforming adventure sequel. Shrink to traverse tight passageways, sneak into tiny entrances and dodge enemy attacks, or add to Knack's mass and become a colossal golem capable of smashing your foes. Unleash over 20 different moves, from dazzling kicks and punches, to devastating body slams and long range grab attacks. Knack 2 Features: Surprising Abilities Over 20 awesome moves including shock wave, boomerang, sword, multi-bomb and body slam Grow to the size of a building or shrink down to just two-feet tall Jump in a tank or robot and control it – or destroy them! Collect relics to power up and smash your way through hordes of enemies Family Friendly Seamless co-op mode so you can play together whenever you choose Accessible gameplay for kids and challenging gameplay for adults Pick up and play or sit down for a Knack marathon Adventures & Puzzles Save the world from a villain who is reviving ancient weapons and enormous titans Vibrantly coloured world with stunning graphics Puzzles for varying skill levels

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Knack 2
Knack 2

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