Mafia Definitive Edition

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Mafia Definitive Edition description:

Mafia Definitive Edition Pre-Order bonus: The Chicago OutfitThe Chicago Outfit Includes:Exclusive Player Outfit: The DonExclusive Vehicle: Smith V12 LimousineExclusive Weapon: Gold Semi-AutomaticPart one of the Mafia crime saga – 1930s, Lost Heaven, ILRe-made from the ground up, rise through the ranks of the Mafia during the Prohibition era of organized crime. After a run-in with the mob, cab driver Tommy Angelo is thrust into a deadly underworld. Initially uneasy about falling in with the Salieri crime family, Tommy soon finds that the rewards are too big to ignore.Play a Mob Movie: Live the life of a Prohibition-era gangster and rise through the ranks of the Mafia.Lost Heaven, IL: Recreated 1930’s cityscape, filled with interwar architecture, cars and culture to see, hear and interact with.Re-Made Classic: Faithfully recreated, with expanded story, gameplay and original score. This is the Mafia you remembered and much more.

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Mafia Definitive Edition
Mafia Definitive Edition

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