Metal Max Xeno Reborn

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Metal Max Xeno Reborn description:

Metal Max Xeno Reborn is an action JRPG with real-time battle and vehicle combat elements. Join Talis, a lone hunter, and search for allies in a vengeance-charged war against monsters and robotic enemies. Learn new skills and collect and customize tanks as you journey through a devastated world.Humanity is on the brink of extinction and the last remaining survivors look to push back against the machines. Half a century ago of war against the mother computer NOA has reduced even Asia’s largest metropolis, TOKIO, to rubble. Explore this desolate wasteland and battle your way through onslaughts of enemies. Salvage, modify and hit back using tanks, weaponry, and faithful battle dog, Pochi, to reclaim a future for the human race!A Post-Apocalyptic JRPG: Set in a devastated world called Dystokio, Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is a non-linear open world JRPG with real-time battle and vehicle combat elements. There are no limits to where you can go, no matter your progression in the game.A Never-Ending Wasteland: Play as Talis, the hero who gathers a group of survivors who can help him take revenge on the machines that led to the extermination of humanity. Venture out into a world of destruction overrun by NOA’s forces, search for allies and hope in a vengeance-charged war against machines.Gear Up For Victory: Hone your skills to become more powerful than ever. Upgrade and learn skills of your choice from five general skill tress, which include ‘Drive’, ‘Repair’, ‘Medical’, ‘Militia’, and ‘Survive’.Light the Flame of the Hunter Spirit: Target your enemies using your tanks and weapons to unleash your powers to inflict massive damage.Unite To Survive: The fate of the universe is in your hands! Hunt down your enemies with the help of your friends and your beloved battle dog Pochi. Pochi can level up, learn new skills and will join your party as a fourth member. You can help him earn skill points by feeding him at the base – and, of course, by petting him.Salvage and Build: Scavenge new tanks and customise them with fresh paint and the strongest firepower you can find. Freely customise your tanks by swapping out engines, upgrading weaponry and adding special equipment. Enjoy endless possibilities with combinations that range in design and scope.Hold Your Ground: Face the deadly Sons of NOA with a party of three — or four, if you’ve brought Pochi along. Smash and blast across the vast desert and beyond to unite with remaining survivors and rise against the crazed machines in explosive missions. Strike your enemies from inside your tank, or disembark and explore dangerous dungeons on foot with your allies.

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Metal Max Xeno Reborn
Metal Max Xeno Reborn

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