Monopoly Madness

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Would you like to become the new Mr. Monopoly? It’s your lucky day! Our favourite Real-Estate Mogul is going on a well-earned vacation and he’s looking for a temporary stand-in. His method of selection? A race for fame and fortune! This time the rules have changed slightly: engage in a frantic real-time competitive race to see who has what it takes to take Mr. Monopoly’s place!MONOPOLY Madness brings the MONOPOLY experience into the arena for the first time ever. Rediscover the property trading game you love in a way you’ve never seen before. Roam the chaotic streets of Monopoly City, collect resources, buy and upgrade properties, mess with your opponents, and avoid their tricks to win the race for riches. This is madness!Download code only. No game Cartridge in the box.No more board! Roam the streets of Monopoly and compete with other players to collect money, water, and electricity.Get power-ups from Community Chests! Use them to mess with your opponents and gain an advantage to win.Ride a bulldozer, go through buildings, destroy properties with a jackhammer – all tactics to become the wealthiest of them all.Random events will infiltrate your games and make your journey even more chaoticDiscover four unique environments inspired by the MONOPOLY game boardEach environment comes with several levels and layouts giving you 20 arenas to play.

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Monopoly Madness
Monopoly Madness

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