Motoracer 4 (psvr Compatible)

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Motoracer 4 (psvr Compatible) description:

Finally! High-octane arcade racing is back in action. Master two racing styles: the all-out speed and aggression of road bike racing combined with the stunt-fueled trickery of dirt bike action. Stricly zero boring "simulation elements", oh no! This is 100% about speed, fun and raw challenge and energy. If you have fond memories of no frills arcade racing, then Moto Racer 4 will deliver the hit of adrenaline you've been craving! (For PlayStation ONLY – Experience the full game in VR!)   100+ motocross and asphalt challenges combining extreme speed and freestyle Use your best driving skills (slipstreaming, drifting, landing, balancing, swerving…) 10 charismatic pilots with their own personalities and racing styles 18 spectacular races in 3 gorgeous open environments Local multiplayer with 2 players and online multiplayer from 1 to 10 players Spectacular Replay Mode, which enables editable and personalised replay videos to share online Exciting and varied game modes: challenges, time trials, championships, single races, multipayer… Customize your rider and your motorcycle! Immediate fun with intuitive and easy handling Required for VR Features (not included): PlayStation VR Headset PlayStation 4 Camera  

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Motoracer 4 (psvr Compatible)
Motoracer 4 (psvr Compatible)

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