The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2

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The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 description:

Legend foretold it. Prophecies predicted it. Chosen ones chose to believe in it. Now the adventure sage continues in the sequel to one of the most acclaimed fantasy spoof adventure games in the history of fantasy spoof adventure games. Join our heroes and their friends in their struggle against a new threat to the world of Aventasia. Help them fulfil their destiny. A destiny as yet unwritten…. A new adventure from KING Art, the creators of The Book of Unwritten Tales, The Critter Chronicles and The Raven – Legacy of Master Thief. A fantasy story with over 20 hours of pointing and clicking The trademark BOUT humour, lovingly spoofing WoW, LotR, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Discworld, The Hobbit and more. Hundreds of weird, yet oddly logical puzzles. The well proven “Multi Character Gameplay” An ensemble of quirky characters, both well established and brand new. Projection Mapping technology unites the merits of 2D and 3D styles and technique. An epic soundtrack with all the classics and many new compositions. The established four playable characters Wilbur, Nate, Ivo and Critter.

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The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2
The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2

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