The Caligula Effect 2

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The Caligula Effect 2 description:

Dive into a reality-warping adventure from Persona scenario-writer tadashi satomi and director takuya yamanaka! A virtual named regret has created the world of do in order to save people from their past regrets by unknowingly imprisoning them in a simulation. However, this “Paradise” Is shaken to the core when a virtual idol named χ breaks into regret’s virtual reality and restores a high school student’s memories of the real world. In order to escape do, they form the go-home Club, a resistance group that seeks to fight against regret and her enforcers, the obbligato musicians.Welcome to Tatefushi Academy: Meet the fresh faces of the Go-Home Club, whose memories are awakened by the virtuadoll, χ. Recruit other students to aid you, challenge the virtuadoll, Regret, and her Obbligato Musicians, and escape the false world of Redo!Breakout Battles: Utilize the Imaginary Chain to predict your enemies’ moves and form the perfect strategy, and employ calculated techniques to gain a tactical advantage in combatAn Unforgettable Paradise: Masterfully crafted story scenarios from Persona writer Tadashi Satomi and Director Takuya Yamanaka unite with a pulse-pounding, vocaloid-inspired soundtrack, making the world of Redo a memorable visual and audio experienceVoiceover option: Japanese – Language format: English

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The Caligula Effect 2
The Caligula Effect 2

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