The Falconeer Warrior Edition

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The Falconeer Warrior Edition description:

Soar through the skies aboard a majestic warbird, explore a stunning oceanic world and engage in epic aerial dogfights, in this BAFTA nominated air combat game from solo developer, Tomas sala.You take on the role of falconeer, a powerful airborne warrior traversing a vast oceanic world torn apart by generations of poisonous decisions and dissent. Throughout multiple campaigns, you will experience life from many different perspectives and loyalties as you embark on a journey of discovery, and solve the mystery of the ursee, its people and history. Progress through perilous missions and side quests, wielding your lightning caster to protect ships against pirates, kraken and other threats. Dive through the deep ocean depths, soar above the clouds to do battle with giant crab cities or engage in furious dogfights against the mysterious mancer order that controls and regulates technology.The falconeer: warrior Edition includes the fully updated game, plus:The Hunter DLC: adding a new player class with a flyable ormir Dragon and a set of Pyro pot guided rockets.Edge of the world DLC: featuring additional side quests, new locations and 2 new playable classes with unique mounts.

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The Falconeer Warrior Edition
The Falconeer Warrior Edition

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