The Legend Of Heroes Trails To Azure

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The Crossbell duology comes to the West for the first time!Translated by long-time fans, these titles have been entrusted with the expertise of a small team ensuring it’s available to Western fans for the first time!The Fate of the City-State: Play through the finale of the Crossbell arc, a key thread within the Trails universe. What lies ahead for Lloyd Bannings and his ragtag squad of allies?Crossbell’s Finest Forces: Experience new combat features introduced by Trails to Azure, including Burst, Back Attack, and even your own customisable car. Also, meet a few familiar faces from the Trails of Cold Steel series!Power from the Past: Import save data from Trails from Zero for a different story experience, including additional event scenes and entirely new scenes! Also, use your save data from Trails to Azure for bonuses in the upcoming release of Trails into Reverie!The story of aspiring hero Lloyd Bannings continues in Trails to Azure!Set just a few months after the events of Trails from Zero, a temporary peace has settled over Crossbell and the Special Support Section find themselves with newfound fame and status, thanks to their heroic actions.However, the peace is soon broken with the rise of multiple organizations with ulterior motives. Framing these growing tensions is the increasing pressure from the Erebonian Empire and the Republic of Calvard, with Crossbell caught between them. With the safety of their home and the foundations of their team now on the line, Lloyd and his allies must gear themselves for the threats that loom ahead. Little do they know that Crossbell will soon become the stage for a climactic conflict that will determine its future…Voiceover option: JapaneseLanguage format (in game text): English

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The Legend Of Heroes Trails To Azure
The Legend Of Heroes Trails To Azure

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