The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey To Batuu

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The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey To Batuu description:

Create your Sim’s unique Star Wars story as you explore the remote world of batuu, from galaxy’s edge at Disneyland and Disney world, in the Sims 4 Star Wars: journey to batuu. Will your Sim join up with the Resistance, fall in with the scoundrels, or enlist with the first Order? It’s up to you! Build up your Sim’s reputation to unlock missions, purchase a lightsabre or droid, and meet iconic Star Wars characters like Rey and Kylo Ren.Experience the edge of the Galaxy: your Sims are Definitely not at home anymore. From the Millennium Falcon to the bustling cantina and unique attire of batuu, Sims will be surrounded by the iconic sights and sounds of Star Wars. Socialize with the alien LOCALS to truly understand why batuu is unlike any other planet. When your Sim returns home, bring back new decor and recipes inspired by your travels, play a game of sabacc, or host a playful lightsaber training session.Create your Star Wars story: The Resistance, first Order, and scoundrels are fighting to control batuu, but your Sims’ Actions determine who will succeed. As Sims undertake challenges and special missions, you’ll tip the balance of Power. Your influence not only changes the world, but also unlocks rewards like Star fighter access, new outfits, and critical missions on batuu. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find your batuuan special someone!Unite with iconic characters: completing missions earns your Sim reputation points, and as you rack them up, you get closer and closer to meeting the leaders of the forces on batuu. The possibilities shift depending on your Sim’s actions-will you choose to support Kylo Ren in his efforts to uncover the Resistance base, or will you join Rey and VI moradi in the fight against the First Order? Whichever path your Sim chooses, hondo ohnaka and his scoundrels are always there if you need a few extra galactic Credits.Get your own lightsaber and droid: explore batuu to find kyber crystals and hilts for the most coveted Star Wars art if act: a lightsaber. Collect every piece to construct a Blade that’s all your own. Then invite other Sims to Spar in lightsaber challenges! Or visit the Druid depot and purchase your very own droid to help you on your adventures… and maybe zap a few Sims here and there to distract them. You can even bring your droid friend home with you so you always have that plus-one for parties!

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The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey To Batuu
The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey To Batuu

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