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RISE UP – Find a side and deploy for battle in the Variable Armour, a technologically advanced suit of war. With command over this giant robotic weapon, lead a strike force of deadly mecha towards victory and liberation in turn-based tactical combat. The fate of billions rests in your hands.Features – COMMAND – Choose from four different commanders, each with their own unique Variable Armour, abilities and play style.DEPLOY – Assemble a force to lead into battle by selecting from a range of mass-produced mecha units built for war.ADVANCE – Use varied environmental terrain to your advantage, or capture structures to gain additional resources and secure your supremacy on the battlefield.BATTLE – Engage the enemy with tactical attack options. Inflict status effects, plant traps and support allies using unique unit skills.CAMPAIGN – Help liberate the Auros system from galactic tyranny, across a story-driven campaign featuring 10 missions dedicated to each of the four commanders.SKIRMISH & MULTIPLAYER – Develop new tactics in Skirmish mode, or take the battle online to outwit rival commanders across the world.MAP EDITOR – Create your own tactical map to battle on using the creative Map Editor.

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