Youtubers Life Omg!

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"YouTubers Life OMG!" is the definitive life simulator about video influencers. Live through the everyday of a real video content creator and start a channel from the ground up until you become the most famous YouTuber. Create your character, chose between the gaming, cooking and music channels, and start your new life as a YouTuber. Grow your channel and get more followers and views by recording, editing and uploading the best videos. Visit events, be present on social media and make friends to extend your reach as an influencer. Take care of yourself: eat, sleep and earn enough money to pay the rent! Sign contracts with networks and hire collaborators to help you with your channel

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Youtubers Life Omg! is popular in PlayStation > PS4 Games

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Youtubers Life Omg!
Youtubers Life Omg!

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