Deadly Premonition

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Deadly Premonition description:

Deadly Premonition is a third-person survival-horror action adventure game that places players in the role of Special Agent Francis York Morgan, the FBI agent in charge of investigating the brutal killing of a local beauty and solving the mystery of the “Red Seed Murders.” Deadly Premonition offers a unique and haunting gaming experience unlike any other. Investigate the murders and unravel each series of interlocking mysteries in the small rural town of Greenvale, Washington while encountering numerous complex, unusual characters along the way. The local townspeople hinder Agent York’s work with their eccentric behavior while supernatural creatures and a folkloric killer seek to end York’s investigation… permanently! The town of Greenvale is a living breathing open world Real 24 hour and weather cycles Maintenance of Agent York’s daily appearance has consequences and influences the inhabitants perceptions Travel the landscape with a variety of cars which must be maintained Original horror storytelling and deep characterisation with voice acting and history for every resident Tons of side-quest and mini-games like fishing, darts and collecting trading cards

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Deadly Premonition
Deadly Premonition

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