Outcast Second Contact

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Outcast Second Contact is an open world action-adventure game taking the player to an extra-terrestrial planet as dangerous as it is beautiful. You take the role of Cutter Slade, an elite soldier sent on a mission to Adelphi, home of an ancient and advanced alien civilisation. Your choices and actions will determine humanity's survival. REMAKE OF A CULT CLASSIC Outcast: Second Contact is the complete remaster of the cult game Outcast. The first open, 3D world in the history of video games and a true pioneer in the action-adventure genre – the original game won over 100 awards including adventure game of the year! The remake of the award-winning action, adventure game Adventure in the heart of an alien civilisation – hundreds of quests in an open and savage world More than 60 hours of gameplay with an engrossing storyline Features a charismatic hero viewed as a messiah and voiced by the official voice of Bruce Willis Spectacular battles against formidable enemies using futuristic weapons and gadgets Total freedom where each action has consequences on the equilibrium of the world An original symphonic soundtrack

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Outcast Second Contact
Outcast Second Contact

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