Turtle Beach Headset Adaptor

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Turtle Beach Headset Adaptor description:

Raise your game on Xbox One with the new Ear Force Headset Audio Controller Plus. The Plus adds Superhuman Hearing, Game and Mic Presets, and Mic Monitoring to your audio experience. Of course, critical controls for Master Volume, Game and Chat Volume mix and Mic Mute are also right at your fingertips.Superhuman Hearing Mode – Use Superhuman Hearing Mode to pinpoint quiet audio cues like enemy footsteps and weapon reloads. Access Superhuman Hearing through a dedicated button press.Stop SHOUTING! – Use Variable Mic Monitoring to adjust the level of your own voice in the headset – so you don’t have to shout.Easily adjust your chat and audio – The Headset Audio Controller Plus also features game and chat volume mix, master volume and mic mute controls – all on your controller.Xbox one compatible.Xbox series X and S compatible.

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Turtle Beach Headset Adaptor is popular in Xbox > Xbox Series X/S Hardware

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Turtle Beach Headset Adaptor
Turtle Beach Headset Adaptor

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